friends and favorite shirt

IMG_3312 IMG_3310 IMG_3311 IMG_3292 IMG_3293

   hi! today I met with my friend at school! generally we have in school uniform,but we came to school on Sunday and so got dressed as we wanted. so,this is my favorite shirt in the cell. although it’s not right person so much,because I don’t love it in the red cell. just me by passing this shirt is no more,lol:) I remember I was super checkered shirt with studs on the shoulders,but when I wore on new year’s day,it broke on me. I was very sorry because it was my favorite shirt in a cage for life. so I’ll give you advice,watch things very well,because someday your favorite thing gonna be ruined or broken or something… so hopefully soon I will go shopping and buy myself a new favorite shirt in the cage,and in the meantime I’ll live with this.



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