News,and my plans 

Hey, I know! long gone posts, but learning takes all my time and soon exams:( but there is good news. 2 weeks until summer. I’m really looking forward to summer, because I’m really tired. tired of it all. And of course there will be many summer outfits. I’m going to go to Uzbekistan this summer, so it will be hot. And by the way my phone broke and so some time will not dresses, but I know that without pictures bored with life, so I have found in my archive old photos with my friends. so if you’ve never seen it look like that Russian girls. And my friend is wearing in T-shirt where is the words ” Paradise is here” ,I like her t-shirt. Because I like to read good things,and it is doing me optimistic and smart;) And of course, I have many people who ask what song I’m listening to? I do not know;) true! I love Ellie Goulding, The xx, The weeknd, Lana del Ray and others. but mostly I love the unknown performers. Of course my playlist depends on my mood, as well as my style. so it’s a very individual thing. And I finally started to go to the village . It is very beautiful. And of course I’ll be there to take photos, and then show you. I love you very much. Thanks to the people who write such kind comments! xoxo


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