Outfit of the day and news

Aloha. I recently went to my favorite store. If you do not know what it is Bershka. I just love Bershka because there fancy stuff and cheap. But lately it nachint dress more and more people, and I do not like monotonous and even the same thing. In general, I bought a very cool things from which I bastard. I’ll leave here a photo. Most of all I liked the blue jeans. On his knees there holes. That’s fine. I have a very long dreamed of such meet. And boho blouse style too steep. It kind of chiffon. In the summer I’ll just wear it. Because it was not hot. I also tried on Heels. But I do not buy, because we have already spring, and thus heat. So the next year I will definitely something in the likeness of shoes buy. But in fact, these boots I do not like. Because firstly they have cheap stuff (like suede). And soon they became my awful. And secondly, I still think of course, but I do not really want to buy black. May be brown or some but not more black. Perhaps I’m just tired of this color. Although I’ll tell you a secret, black is my favorite color. And I have a lot of clothes in black. In short, you probably tired of reading. Ahh, and more! Now I’ll be doing posts 1 day a week. Well, I’ll try! Thank you       


floral print

Today I am in the jacket from Bershka. The last time I really like the white color,and I buy as many things as white. It is very warm. So that in such cold weather,as we have,I will not freeze:) my Pants from Vero Moda. I just fell in love with these pants. To be honest,they are just gorgeous. They are black,but with a shade of dark green. Ari is very convenient. And by the way,I love up oversize, and a bottom I love skinny. Therefore, these pants too skinny. On my feet white Converse. And I also just adore!