America,wait me plz

Haay,my friends! So,in this year I have a new school,cause my dad and I moved from Moscow to other town(under Moscow),and sure I have new classmates. They are very stupid,and I hate this fucking school. But I have another good news for me. Cause now I finally begin to learn cool. Or good for once. So,and this summer was great,but I have broken my iPhone and so I didn’t fotos in summer. But something I have. So,in October I’m going to do the blank for green card. And you don’t know how I love USA. I’m crazzzy about it;) so I really want to move there with my mommy. And if in May I’ll know that my mom with me to win,than I’m gonna too glad. And finally my prayers have been answered and I’ll cry tears of happiness for once. So,and that my foto where my lil sis and I. I love her more my life. In her eyes so many emotions. I love you soo much,sweeties . I hope I’ll oftener do the posts with outfits. Just wait a little:)