Outfit of the day and news

Aloha. I recently went to my favorite store. If you do not know what it is Bershka. I just love Bershka because there fancy stuff and cheap. But lately it nachint dress more and more people, and I do not like monotonous and even the same thing. In general, I bought a very cool things from which I bastard. I’ll leave here a photo. Most of all I liked the blue jeans. On his knees there holes. That’s fine. I have a very long dreamed of such meet. And boho blouse style too steep. It kind of chiffon. In the summer I’ll just wear it. Because it was not hot. I also tried on Heels. But I do not buy, because we have already spring, and thus heat. So the next year I will definitely something in the likeness of shoes buy. But in fact, these boots I do not like. Because firstly they have cheap stuff (like suede). And soon they became my awful. And secondly, I still think of course, but I do not really want to buy black. May be brown or some but not more black. Perhaps I’m just tired of this color. Although I’ll tell you a secret, black is my favorite color. And I have a lot of clothes in black. In short, you probably tired of reading. Ahh, and more! Now I’ll be doing posts 1 day a week. Well, I’ll try! Thank you       


Moscow Fashion Week 2015-2016

Hello everyone! Did you know, but not long ago began Fashion Week in Moscow. And of course, I chose a new tradition of its designer and his new collection. This time it Bissarion. To be honest I’m up to that time did not know that the designer. And so, proceed directly to my impression of the collection and a brief comment. All the dresses were mostly in black, white and light blue colors. I also said to myself texture: fur, fringe, silk ruffles. And very nice accessories: dramatic hairstyles tied sweaters and fur slippers. To be honest, show me something hooked. Not to say that directly Wow! But there is something still, any highlight! Perhaps this show even gave me inspiration. Lol. But I generally liked it. How to de I’d like to visit the fashion week! The Truth! You probably think that’s the big deal? You sit for hours and look at all of these models, the strange outfits, but no! I want to feel all this atmosphere! I think there is very interesting, where you can meet interesting people, and of course to find a new muse! But I hope that is still to come! And of course, by tradition, can you please write your review in the comments of the collection! Do not be shy;)



friends and favorite shirt

IMG_3312 IMG_3310 IMG_3311 IMG_3292 IMG_3293

   hi! today I met with my friend at school! generally we have in school uniform,but we came to school on Sunday and so got dressed as we wanted. so,this is my favorite shirt in the cell. although it’s not right person so much,because I don’t love it in the red cell. just me by passing this shirt is no more,lol:) I remember I was super checkered shirt with studs on the shoulders,but when I wore on new year’s day,it broke on me. I was very sorry because it was my favorite shirt in a cage for life. so I’ll give you advice,watch things very well,because someday your favorite thing gonna be ruined or broken or something… so hopefully soon I will go shopping and buy myself a new favorite shirt in the cage,and in the meantime I’ll live with this.



Hello guys! Today I wanted to share with you my inspiration and photos that inspire me. I do not know about you, but I’m always inspired by high fashion, designers, beautiful things. this is great! sometimes I just do not feel like doing anything, so I just open my tumblr, and see photos. I enjoy the process. I think it should be like you! By the way here is my tumblr … I do not for a long time it has created, and there reigns euphoria. and yes, I know that I have not updated my blog, because I was very busy with my studies. it took me up, so that is the end of the quarter, vacation soon. I’ll be doing more outfits of the day, write posts and of course spend more time on my blog. and catch my photos

And last collection by Dolce&Gabbana is very beautiful. There were models with their children. It’s cuute!

floral print

Today I am in the jacket from Bershka. The last time I really like the white color,and I buy as many things as white. It is very warm. So that in such cold weather,as we have,I will not freeze:) my Pants from Vero Moda. I just fell in love with these pants. To be honest,they are just gorgeous. They are black,but with a shade of dark green. Ari is very convenient. And by the way,I love up oversize, and a bottom I love skinny. Therefore, these pants too skinny. On my feet white Converse. And I also just adore!