Moscow Fashion Week 2015-2016

Hello everyone! Did you know, but not long ago began Fashion Week in Moscow. And of course, I chose a new tradition of its designer and his new collection. This time it Bissarion. To be honest I’m up to that time did not know that the designer. And so, proceed directly to my impression of the collection and a brief comment. All the dresses were mostly in black, white and light blue colors. I also said to myself texture: fur, fringe, silk ruffles. And very nice accessories: dramatic hairstyles tied sweaters and fur slippers. To be honest, show me something hooked. Not to say that directly Wow! But there is something still, any highlight! Perhaps this show even gave me inspiration. Lol. But I generally liked it. How to de I’d like to visit the fashion week! The Truth! You probably think that’s the big deal? You sit for hours and look at all of these models, the strange outfits, but no! I want to feel all this atmosphere! I think there is very interesting, where you can meet interesting people, and of course to find a new muse! But I hope that is still to come! And of course, by tradition, can you please write your review in the comments of the collection! Do not be shy;)




Paris Fashion Week 2015-2016

Welcome all! I have for you is not big news. now I’m going to do every time a small post about my experiences with fashion week. This time we have Paris fashion week.i everything will go in alphabetical order. as the first letter of the alphabet “A”, respectively, on the letter “a” I chose designer Alexander McQueen. So this time, his collection is not impressed me. she was very sexy, in vintage style (like grandma’s closet). To be honest, I would never put such. I do not Tavi Gevinson. Sorry! I did not really know very well, because when I recognized her, her blog has been removed, and unfortunately I did not have time to check out her blog. I’ve seen pictures of her on the Internet, well, only on the basis of these photos realized that she had a kind of vintage style. ok, all the same in all different styles and we are all different !! But back to the collection, as I said I did not like. but perhaps she might not like me because of the fact that all models had a strange hairstyle and makeup. and even the way they reminded me of the image of the Queen from the movie Alice in Wonderland (I forgot the name, but I think many will remember)! so I’m very interested to hear your opinion about the new collection! so you can leave your feedback in the comments;) thanks